How To Make Money As Affiliate Marketer Or Blogger

How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer Or Blogger

Free Training

Free Training

There are people asking about how to make money as an Affiliate Marketer. They may have visions of neophyte “affiliate marketers” spamming affiliate links on social media or through their emails lists. We’ve all done it, or maybe it’s just me, but when you don’t know … you don’t know. I started out with no real skills, but I had a bag full of tricks I had learned from so-called Gurus. Wealthy Affiliates has been training online affiliates for more than ten years. They even have a Free Starter Membership. You are essentially learning to create content via blogging and later video to establish your authority in your niche and offer relevant affiliate products and services.

But I didn’t know about them at the time. I was still chasing the Internet Gurus who talked about making fast money online. I was one of the untrained online marketers who was taught that spamming was a legitimate online marketing technique. Marketing is key to being successful in any online business. It’s a skill that is best learned through some kind of formal training program from people who make money doing it. That rules out going to college to learn real online marketing skills. I have a Masters so I have nothing against higher education. But the world of online marketing is not an academic subject. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate’s training program is so effective. It teaches you to earn as you learn and learn to earn. It if you decide Affiliate Marketing or Blogging is not your cup of tea, that’s cool; but please invest in getting properly trained in online marketing.

Online Marketing Is A Skill You Must Learn To Succeed

Online marketing is a skill that is best learned through some kind of formal training program from people who make money doing it. That rules out going to college to learn real online marketing skills. I have a Masters so I have nothing against higher education. But the world of online marketing is not an academic subject. It’s about learning small skills and immediately applying them to your own business. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate’s training program is so effective. It teaches you to earn as you learn and learn to earn. It if you decide Affiliate Marketing or Blogging is not your cup of tea, that’s cool; but please invest in getting properly trained in online marketing.

Training is essential to get you up and running fast and avoid making costly mistakes. Of course, training is an investment and before you commit to anything, it’s always good to test it out first. and tools and that’s one of the resources I leverage.

Free Starter Membership: Our Review

Wealthy Affiliates has been teaching affiliate marketing skills for over 10 years. The program is comprehensive, includes the web sites, and an engaged community for support. Read our review then get started. It’s free.

The funny thing is, sometimes those random tactics work, but you can’t build a real business like that. Building a business takes real skill and true grit; a willingness to learn to play the game and to start from ground zero when necessary. Here’s something most people don’t get that trips them up … it tripped me up; Affiliate Marketing, as a business, looks like … a business. As a true business model, it is very strategic and not some random act of online activities that periodically deposit money in your Paypal account. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making a few extra dollars on the side, but that’s not what we are talking about, right?

Content Marketing To The Rescue

The Professional Blogger

The Professional Blogger

But the typical Blogger has a different problem altogether, they grow weary creating content that no one is reading. But even if they do manage to build up a handful of dedicated readers, where does the money come from? Not by placing random ads on website real estate hoping someone clicks the ad. Do you know how many random clicks you’d have to get to make a real living?

In both situations the Affiliate Marketer and the Blogger are missing an important piece of the puzzle;  content marketing. The intentional blog becomes the money maker for both the Professional Affiliate and Pro Blogger. Content marketing is used to build trust by providing value first, before attempting to sell anything.

Four Steps To Make The Money

  1. Find a niche that lights you up AND has good affiliate income potential
  2. Find out what people are looking for when they are looking for solutions, products, services, and info within the niche
  3. Create content that helps these people find what they are looking for
  4. Subtly include links to relevant affiliate products that relate to the query and the content

It’s really that simple – only simple is not the same thing as easy. There’s a lot of moving parts behind this 4-step process. For this strategy to work, the content must be found by those who are looking for it. Thus, we arrive at the almighty SEO. If your content is not optimized to be found and easily provided to those looking, the whole strategy falls apart.

The Rules Are According To Google

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and every platform that has a search engine has its own set of rules. You must be aware of SEO basics so that you can follow the rules and play in their ocean of users. Google is the largest search engine, followed by YouTube, so when we talk about SEO, we focus first on Google.

Google Search

Do you want to leave your success to luck?

SEO is not just about throwing keywords into an article and posting it on the Internet. It is far more complicated than that. There’s the search engine side and there’s the user experience side that you have to satisfy. Have you ever searched for something and landed on a site that looked like cousin Pookie created on her day off? There’s so much content on the web that the search engines are trying to avoid ranking junky content.

User experience means people go to your page and find the content useful enough to read. Maybe they even leave comments and click on the links in your articles? Google is watching for user engagement to make sure real people find the information useful.

SEO Is More Than Keywords

There are all kinds of metrics that Google uses and periodically updates to improve the search experience for its users. They are competing with other search engines and the more relevant their results, the more people will use them. There are rules for SEO and then there is the art of content marketing, both are important to online marketing. You can try to learn these things on your own but the chances are you will get frustrated and quit before you figure it all out.

Why try to do this all by yourself? You can shorten your learning curve and eliminate unnecessary setbacks and frustration by plugging into a well-designed training program. But that is not enough, you need the right technology and a reliable road map that is up-to-date. I recommend this system to my clients, my family, and my friends who are interested in building an online business. Every online business needs traffic, paid is great but earned traffic is even better.  But don’t take my word for it, give it a test drive and sign up for the Free Starter Membership. Complete the two free modules, build your first site, then decide if this program is a good fit for you.

Free Starter Membership: Our Review

Wealthy Affiliates has been teaching affiliate marketing skills for over 10 years. The program is comprehensive, includes the web sites, and an engaged community for support. Read the review of the free program and if you think this is a good fit, get started for free.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing;
Get real training for real results

Many people are attracted to the idea of creating income from affiliate programs … but they cannot figure out how to learn affiliate marketing. There are many programs, courses, videos, and more than a few programs that suggest it’s the pathway to fast big money. While it’s not rocket science, it is a real skill and it involves online marketing skills that most programs gloss over or omit altogether. So let’s look deeper into the premise behind this question, “What is the best way to learn Affiliate Marketing?” The first thing is it presumes that Affiliate Marketing is a skill that can be learned and that is a true statement. No one is born knowing how to market.

There is more than one way to learn any skill and as I always say, there are many ways to pet the cat (we don’t skin cats because we are cat lovers :-).  But if you are anything like me, you want fast, effective, and affordable to factor into the equation. Beyond that,  a good program should include these five building blocks:

  • Training that includes the tools, technologies, and systems to support your goals
  • Training that lets you build a business that is congruent with your interests
  • Training that is not just theory-based but shows you how to reach the right target audience
  • Training that has an easy way for you to earn while you learn
  • Training that includes good customer support and an engaged and helpful community made up of real people operating at different skill levels.

Let’s go deeper into each one:

1. Gives you the tools, technology, and training to build your own website

WordPress, an industry standard, is so customizable, it’s a pain in the a$$! Disclaimer: That’s my opinion and I’m a techy. But even I can’t deny it offers unquestionable benefits to both the newbie while still serving the needs of Fortune 500 companies; that’s why it’s the industry standard. However, smart Affiliate Marketers, we want the benefits without the headaches. The preferred training program teaches you everything you need to succeed and provides the platform to run your business on. The training is interesting and well-designed and offers interactive learning.

The ideal training program also includes the WordPress platform that is preconfigured for Affiliate Marketing. That means they have taken away the complexity and they are using the best hosting platform for reliability, speed, and security. Imagine building a beautiful, unique, mobile-responsive site that is specifically set up to be the hub for your Affiliate Marketing Business. Your website will become the Command Central. You will be learning the skills that will take you from novice to expert in a short amount of time.

2. Allows you find the niche that aligns with Your interests

There’s nothing as painful as learning to build a business that is based on something you don’t feel passionate about. What interests you? What is it that you have always wanted to take a deep dive into and understand it like an expert but never had a reason to. Do you have a mad-crazy skill that you are super proud of, or a hobby that gets you all juice up? There are MILLIONS of ways to connect your passion and interests to congruent Affiliate Programs. While Amazon is one of the most widely known, there are lots of others. Did you know affiliate program that offers luxury watches like Rolex? I sure didn’t.

Many large retail brands have Affiliate program. It's easy to find the ones that fit your niche market

Many large retail brands have Affiliate program. It’s easy to find the ones that fit your niche market

3. Teaches you how to attract targeted visitors to your site

Your goal before you try to make money with any website is to focus on getting actual people to that website. Without people, you have nobody to sell or advertise to. This is a critical aspect of your business. Within the first few lessons at Wealthy Affiliate you are going to learn all about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get an ABUNDANCE of relevant customers to your website by getting your site ranked high in all the search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Premium members even learn how to market on platforms like YouTube, the second largest Search Engine, after Google.

4. Shows you how to earn revenue and lets your earn while you learn

Once you have defined a niche that has a viable audience, that means you are able to generate traffic to visit your site. Now comes the money part; create content that is relevant to your audience and sell them products/services that are congruent. One mamoth affiliate program is Amazon, how many things can you think of that might fit a certain niche market? You’d be surprised how many large brand store have affilaite programs and then there are the boutique type business that run their own affiliate programs. The best part is they are free to join, do not require you to buy anything or maintain a monthly autoship. All you have to do is get good at creating relevant content, attracting your niche audience, and making congruent offers. Of course, I have made it sound super simple but that’s basicaly how it works in nutshell.

Affiliate programs allow you to sell almost anything without having the expense of buying products to sell or creating products to sell. No inventory. No shipping. No product support. And you can be literally run your business from any place at any time. But there is a learning curve and there are marketin skills you must master before this model will pay off for you.

5. Fosters a learning community where there are real people and real support

Humans learn faster in groups. Even when they are at working through different levels of a common topic, there is something wired into us that lets us strive and thrive together. For many, the Internet has brought greater isolation from which actually slows down our personal development. Technology should not separate us but bring us together. You will be inspired by those who have already mastered certain skills and you will have an opportunity to be an inspiration to others to.

Affiliate Marketing Workflow

A strategy that works

Are You Looking For A Real Answer?

If yes, read on.

When a person is genuinely looking for how they can learn Affiliate Marketing, they are likely to have many starts and stops until they find the right vehicle. Master marketing is not a theory-based exercise, you have to jump in and quickly apply what you are learning before the skill becomes fruitful. The best way to learn Affiliate Marketing is not by watching a collection of YouTube videos on the subject. There are great tutorials on YouTube but tutorials don’t lead to mastery especially when applied to complex subjects like marketing.

There is the knowledge base and then there is the practical application that must come together seamlessly. I have invested thousands of dollars trying to wrap my mind around the subject and quite honestly, I came out those training more confused than when I started them.

At first, I thought it was me but then I looked around and saw many of my struggling entrepreneur friends facing the same challenges. This is the conclusion I came to; many self-proclaimed gurus learned their skills years ago when the Internet was in its infancy and spam was not spam and AOL was the new hot thing. They built up enough momentum and massive email lists that they were able to leverage for years. They formed joint ventures and started teaching their methods to the masses but many times, those methods no longer worked.

The best way to learn Affiliate Marketing

These days, there are some Marketers who realize two years on the Internet is like a decade and things change really fast. The best way to learn affiliate marketing then becomes more a question finding the best programs. Plugging into a learning community that leverages the right technology platforms and keeps their training current is key. The driving forces like Google, YouTube, Facebook are constantly changing the rules of engagement and you have to be able to change with them.

I want to tell you, I think I have “Googled” up on a very attractive solution … drum roll, platform. The best way to learn Affiliate Marketing and really get it right at the ridiculously low price range of $0 to $49/mo is my best recommendation. WA is a formal training program for Affiliate Marketing, period. They are constantly updating their program and their platform is geared toward average people who know how to read, follow directions, watch a training video, point the mouse, click a button, and ask for help when they need it.

There’s absolutely no reason to try to untangle this complex subject on your own when WA have been doing it for over 10 years and getting it right. 800,000+ students over ten years is a pretty good track record.

It is my opinion that WA is the best way to learn Affiliate Marketing. But don’t take my word for it, sign up for free and create your first two niche affiliate marketing sites, make some money, and decide for yourself. By the way, when you sign up with me, you also get my personal support. This is a learning community where you are not expected to do it all on your own. Have you signed up for my SEO Marketing Guide for Affiliate Marketers yet? If not, that’s just one of many resources I offer to support those who want to learn to make money online. Request your copy by visiting the home page.

For additional information on the secret to successful Affiliate Marketing, check out the article,  “Seo Marketing for Affiliate Marketer: The Secret Sauce”.


SEO For A Blog

SEO for a blog; The things you don’t know will hurt your SE ranking

SEO for a blog can seem like the writer’s worse nightmare. Suddenly you are not writing from pure inspiration because Google doesn’t rank articles for inspiration. It ranks it for relevance and quality. For the Content Creator who is trying to an income stream, this is good news. Let me explain why.

SEO for Content Writers is like a road map to ranking in search engines like Google. There are rules, guidelines, and metrics that you can use to assess the state of each article. Writing becomes a very strategic and intentional endeavor, it becomes a money-making activity. Hobby bloggers don’t need this kind of disciplined approach. I am assuming if you are reading this article, you want to make money blogging.

Make Money From Blogging

For the serious Content Creators who want to make money from blogging, SEO is not optional. When it comes to the world of SEO, there’s SEO-light and then there’s SEO and the choice of your blogging platform matters. Here is where WordPress beats out its competition; SEO for WordPress blogs is almost effortless because of SEO plugins like All In On SEO Pack and Yoast. These plugins are like the SEO all-stars because they do the heaving lifting for you.

My preference is Yoast and here’s why; Yoast improves your writing and really forces you to be clear, structured, and conscious of the user experience. Yoast addresses the SEO quality of a page or a post in a very procedural way. As a writer, it’s a bit challenging to have an application “grading” you. Okay, maybe that’s just my ego talking but the end result is quite amazing. Once I have earned enough green lights, meaning I have aced the criteria, you are given the status, good, okay, needs improvement on both SEO and readability. This is important because as Google evolves, it algorithm becomes more discerning about content quality.

Applying SEO Strategy Is Like Playing A Game

Consistent Compelling Content

Consistent Compelling Content Creation

If you take this on with the mind of a Gamer, it’s like going up against the SEO master and then learning to slay the dragon that will keep your articles from doing well against your competition. Because there is so much content out there and a lot of it is … more or less average … you need an advantage. SEO is it.

WordPress is the ultimate blogging platform and I don’t say that lightly. I don’t even like WordPress, but I must admit; it is the industry standard. Because of plugins, WordPress can be customized to serve much online need such as e-commerce, membership sites, and blogging. With other blogging platforms, they are not going to be as customizable and they fall short when it comes to SEO.  Most blogging platforms include SEO Title, Meta Description, and a Keyword lists. But having these three pieces of information doesn’t mean your article meets the search engines standards.

Another thing I learned is all WordPress hosting platforms are not equal and that can make a big difference. Watch out for sites that are not secure, run slow, are not mobile responsive, and offer little technical support. Premium hosting is secure, fast, mobile responsive, and includes timely technical support and, unfortunately, it usually costs a lot of money. A vanilla WordPress site is practically worthless if you are trying to blog for money and the $4.95/mo hosting sites aren’t much better.

The good news is there is a way to have a premium site, premium support, and premium training. I did a lot of research on Google and tested many options before arriving at my conclusion. Training and platform combined is the best option if you can find it.  At the end of this article, I will tell about a free offer that has a very affordable premium package available, also. If you want to make money blogging, you have to approach blogging like a business.

She who goes the extra mile can make the extra million. She who wants to cut corners, will also cut her profits

SEO Tips For Blogs

Now that you know SEO for a blog is like having the magic words to open the door to being a profitable blog. Here are a few SEO tips for blogs that you need to consider regardless of the platform you use:

  • Apply SEO to your site as a whole. Make sure you take the time to establish the SEO fields that cover your entire website. If your website is not niche specific, then that’s the first issue you need to resolve.
  • Apply on page SEO for blog content rather it’s a page or a post. Each page or post needs to be optimized for the search engine if you want it to rank on sites like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Google is the premium player, followed by YouTube and then Bing. SEO for YouTube is an entirely different beast that we will tackle in a different article.
  • Apply no-index and no-follow to your privacy page, terms and conditions, and any other similar template page to keep the search engine from checking them. Search Engines frown on duplicated content and this could hurt your sites rankings.

Do you want the checklist for doing on page SEO for a blog? Check out this article.

Becoming A Profitable Blogger

Goals versus Wishes: SEO for blogs is a goal

Blogging for profit has requires a plan

One last thing, if your goal becomes a profitable Blogger,  you will need to know more than basic SEO concepts. There a reason a few people succeed at this game while most don’t. A blog is not a path to fast money but it can be a path to long-term income.

Content Creation is where the real money is and it is not done haphazardly. If you take the time to learn the ins and outs of the blogging business model, you can win in this game. As a writer, that really gets me excited. You have your own reasons for considering this path but if you are serious, commit to a learning process. There are some things a profitable blogger must handle as part of their content creation strategy:

  • You have to pick the right niche; one you are passionate about and has income potential
  • Each piece of content you write needs to have relevant keywords and be optimized for search engines
  • Each piece needs to meet the criteria for quality and be congruent with your site’s niche
  • Content has to be added regularly to be granted an authority status within the search engine; this increases your ranking power
  • Each page and/or post needs to be purposeful with an appropriate  call to action

Because the income potential is vast, there’s a lot of moving parts and trying to figure it out on your own is … in my humble opinion, crazy. I didn’t know there were a rhyme and reason behind successful blogs but by going through a formal training program, I know more than most bloggers. For instance, you don’t make money blogging by allowing random ads to be offered on your site. Every thing you do needs to be with purpose. If you don’t have this insider information, you may eventually figure it out, but probably not.

Flatten the learning curve

There is quite a bit to learn on the subjects of SEO and creating a profitable blog. I would never have dreamed that I would actually be doing this. Blogging didn’t really make sense to me because I couldn’t figure out how people made money doing it. Now I understand there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Once a few very successful million dollar brands revealed their secrets in some training I took, that planted a seed.

Branding For Digital Entrepreneurs

Branding For Digital Entrepreneurs: Stand Out From Crowd

Often the race to make money online will lead Digital Marketers, especially Affiliate Marketers, to settle for a generic online presence. Cloned sites or sites that look like something thrown together to make a fast sale do not inspire confidence in visitors. When a visitor lands on one of these pages, they start to make judgments about the legitimacy of the site. The antidote for this is branding. Branding for Digital Entrepreneurs is similar to branding for any person who is setting themselves up as a trusted resource, expert, or seller. When we think of brands like Nike or Coca Cola, many images, songs, and sayings come to mind. But what does it mean for the Affiliate Marketer who is selling the exact same product other affiliates are selling? It’s a way to find your tribe, to stop competing and start attracting those buyers instead. Branding, when done in a very authentic way, sets you up for attraction marketing. People are drawn to you because they relate to you.

The Small Business Advantage Is The Digital Entrepreneurs Advantage, Also

Stand out from the crowding with Branding for Affiliate Marketers

The Generic Marketer easily gets lost in the crowd. Not Balsie, he stands out.

Online, we can lose that sense of human connectedness. Large brands and traditional Internet Marketers all love automation. The less human interaction, the better. In fact, this was one of the hallmarks of Internet marketing. But people have grown weary and leery of look-a-like sites, unresponsive email customer service, and not being able to reach a human when there are questions. The Digital Entrepreneur is the owner of a small business. It is likely to start with no employees and very little overhead but you are competing in an ocean of other online businesses and branding yourself and providing high-quality content is the one advantage you should leverage as you build your business.

We can hide behind user names and profile pictures of avatars, cats, or tiny toon characters. We can edit our words and sound overly-polished and all put-together. We can take ourselves out of the mix and never let people get a real sense of who we are and what we stand for. I almost did that myself. I was afraid to bring my spiritual, quirky, off-brand humor into my business. I turned my business into a job and then I felt uninspired.

The business that you are building needs to do more than give you an income. Your business needs to be deeply satisfying because it’s hard work to grow a business. There are long work days, challenges, and setback to deal with and if your business is impersonal, you will find yourself losing your motivation to do what you need to do to build it. But if the business you are building is YOUR business, the obstacles will not defeat you, they will make you stronger.

What Do You Stand For?

I am an advocate for human potential and I believe that it is our divine right to thrive. My business is part of my epic mission to help others get their gifts out into the world through online businesses.

Take a moment and reflect on who you are as a person; what matters most to you, what causes and passions speak to your heart. Find ways to sprinkle those unique qualities into your content. By the way, it’s nearly impossible to do that with a generic or replicated site. To brand yourself, you need your own site that you can build out to reflect you and your business. In the program I promote, everyone is creating their own unique online presence, and I think it’s j awesome to be a part of a program designed to teach you how to brand yourself as the authority in your niche.

Hey, I have a gift for you. Click the link to get the PDF: Epic Mission Statement – SEO White Hats; it’s about defining your Epic Mission, the basis of how you will live your love and build your business. You may discover that your brand is an expression of your Epic mission.