Branding For Digital Entrepreneurs: Stand Out From Crowd

Often the race to make money online will lead Digital Marketers, especially Affiliate Marketers, to settle for a generic online presence. Cloned sites or sites that look like something thrown together to make a fast sale do not inspire confidence in visitors. When a visitor lands on one of these pages, they start to make judgments about the legitimacy of the site. The antidote for this is branding. Branding for Digital Entrepreneurs is similar to branding for any person who is setting themselves up as a trusted resource, expert, or seller. When we think of brands like Nike or Coca Cola, many images, songs, and sayings come to mind. But what does it mean for the Affiliate Marketer who is selling the exact same product other affiliates are selling? It’s a way to find your tribe, to stop competing and start attracting those buyers instead. Branding, when done in a very authentic way, sets you up for attraction marketing. People are drawn to you because they relate to you.

The Small Business Advantage Is The Digital Entrepreneurs Advantage, Also

Stand out from the crowding with Branding for Affiliate Marketers

The Generic Marketer easily gets lost in the crowd. Not Balsie, he stands out.

Online, we can lose that sense of human connectedness. Large brands and traditional Internet Marketers all love automation. The less human interaction, the better. In fact, this was one of the hallmarks of Internet marketing. But people have grown weary and leery of look-a-like sites, unresponsive email customer service, and not being able to reach a human when there are questions. The Digital Entrepreneur is the owner of a small business. It is likely to start with no employees and very little overhead but you are competing in an ocean of other online businesses and branding yourself and providing high-quality content is the one advantage you should leverage as you build your business.

We can hide behind user names and profile pictures of avatars, cats, or tiny toon characters. We can edit our words and sound overly-polished and all put-together. We can take ourselves out of the mix and never let people get a real sense of who we are and what we stand for. I almost did that myself. I was afraid to bring my spiritual, quirky, off-brand humor into my business. I turned my business into a job and then I felt uninspired.

The business that you are building needs to do more than give you an income. Your business needs to be deeply satisfying because it’s hard work to grow a business. There are long work days, challenges, and setback to deal with and if your business is impersonal, you will find yourself losing your motivation to do what you need to do to build it. But if the business you are building is YOUR business, the obstacles will not defeat you, they will make you stronger.

What Do You Stand For?

I am an advocate for human potential and I believe that it is our divine right to thrive. My business is part of my epic mission to help others get their gifts out into the world through online businesses.

Take a moment and reflect on who you are as a person; what matters most to you, what causes and passions speak to your heart. Find ways to sprinkle those unique qualities into your content. By the way, it’s nearly impossible to do that with a generic or replicated site. To brand yourself, you need your own site that you can build out to reflect you and your business. In the program I promote, everyone is creating their own unique online presence, and I think it’s j awesome to be a part of a program designed to teach you how to brand yourself as the authority in your niche.

Hey, I have a gift for you. Click the link to get the PDF: Epic Mission Statement – SEO White Hats; it’s about defining your Epic Mission, the basis of how you will live your love and build your business. You may discover that your brand is an expression of your Epic mission.