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Here you will find quick links to groups of articles that are focused on one particular topic. Over time a blog site can get unmanageable and finding the content you are interested in can become too much trouble. This page will help you get what you want when you want it.

SEO 101 Bootcamp

There are some basic things that you should know if you are considering an online business. While this is primarily focused on Content Creators such as Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers, it’s relevant for any site content.


WordPress is used on almost 20% of all blogs, like about 74 million. It’s highly scalable and while it’s claimed to be easy, I disagree. There’s a learning curve but once you spend some time with it, then you can say … Easy Peasy.

Affiliate Marketing

This topic is directed toward someone who is interested in making the big money through Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is not a hobby, something you dabble in, to build this business it requires skills.

Making Money Online

This is a super hot topic that attracts a lot of people; some to sell their get-rich-scheme and some who are looking for them. This is not that. This site is about the business of making money online … for real.


Blogging comes in different flavors. We are here to help people make money. We are not talking about creating an online journal or hobby blog. These articles are directed to those that want to go PRO.


YouTube has single-handedly changed the way consumers want to consume information. YouTube is the second largest search engine, Google is #1. SEO for YouTube is necessary to play in the ocean.


This is where you will find reviews of products, programs, software, and training. Some of these I tried and decided … no thank you; some I currently use in my business but still won’t necessarily recommend.

Free Training

There are things you need to know that don’t require long courses. Here you will find tips, tricks, and demonstrations of how to blah, blah, blah, related to making money online and SEO, of course.